Thomas ten Brinke's Biography

Let’s get straight to the point: Thomas’ ultimate goal is to be Formula 1 World Champion. Inspired by his father Bernhard’s race and rally adventures, Thomas is determined to make this dream come true. The upcoming year Thomas will be competing as a F4 driver, which makes him one step closer to fulfill his ultimate dream. Thomas will be competing this year at the Spanish championship F4 for MP Motorsport. He has been devoting his life to racing since his tenth birthday, meaning he is competing for 130 days a year. At this stage in his career, clocking up the kilometres behind the wheel of his kart is paving the way ahead for driving Formula cars in the future. As a kart driver, Thomas is well aware of just how crucial analysing race data is: To prevent losing even one thousandth of a second when braking. To start and end each bend at maximum speed. To reach the full potential of his kart and indeed himself.

From Zeddam to all over Europe

Thomas has geared his life towards becoming a future Formula 1 World Champion. His typical week starts by spending Monday at his desk in Rietveld Lyceum secondary school in Doetinchem. But while he may sit the same exams as his classmates, his studies follow a special schedule, which is tailored to fit around his week of racing. This part of his week often begins on Tuesday afternoon, when he packs his bags and travels to the race location. From France to Italy to Finland: Thomas travels all over Europe.

During a race week for the CIK-FIA OK-Junior championship, Thomas is up against around 100 talented peers. He uses the test days to optimise his kart for the race weekend. The qualifying heat on Saturday drastically reduces the number of participants. Thomas must qualify as one of the 34 finalists. The week reaches its peak with Sunday’s race. Thomas has spent four days living for this finale. During the 20-minute race, he races for overall victory. Once he’s crossed the finish line, he quickly returns home. He usually gets back to Zeddam at around midnight, where the alarm clock will already be set for school the next morning.

Name Thomas ten Brinke
Date of birth 23/02/2005
Country The Netherlands
Hometown Zeddam

"For four days, Thomas lives for the finale: the race itself"

Did you know that...

  • My biggest strength when racing is overtaking
  • My father is my biggest role model
  • My favourite artist is Eminem
  • My favourite food is spaghetti
  • I go running through Montferland woods
  • I train at home in a race simulator